10 super-easy (but totally thoughtful) last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts

Super-easy (but totally thoughtful) last-minute Valentine's Day gifts | Cardstore Blog

“Oh, crap! I need some last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts—stat!”

Don’t worry. You’re not the first person to say those words. And there are plenty of last-minute options like flowers, cookies, or chocolates that you can have delivered right to your valentine (thank you, Internet!).

But just because you’re a little behind doesn’t mean you have to be totally vanilla. With a little creativity, you can put together a fun (kinda-silly-but-still-pretty-sweet) Valentine’s Day gift for your special someone—even at the last minute.

Here are some ideas that we came up with (or found) for you to try when you’re really down to the wire.

Stuff you can pick up (or think up) on the way home

The gas station, the drug store, that fast-food joint with the oddly formed little burgers… You may not normally pay them any mind, but today’s your day to let them shine. Sure, it’s easy to round up all the usual Valentine’s Day suspects, but perhaps you’d like to give one of these ideas some consideration.

1. Candlelit Fast-food Dinner

With all the press that White Castle seems to get for their once-a-year Valentine’s Day table-service, the fact remains that you’re still eating inside a White Castle. Not that I have ANYTHING against that, but why not bring the romance home? Stop at a drug store to pick up a candle or two, and have your favorite fast-food feast laid out on the table by candlelight. Fancy place-settings and a little Al Green can help this idea go a long way…

Super-easy (but totally thoughtful) last-minute Valentine's Day gifts | Cardstore Blog

If your significant other does not like fast food, do NOT try this at home. Trust me.

2. Grab Bag of Awesome

How well do you know your significant other? Want to show it off a little? Stop at drug store and pick up as many of their favorite things as you can find: an assortment of all the best chocolates, magazines, something from the “As Seen on TV” section, those really fancy pens they like to use… Anything you think they’d love. Put them all in a gift bag, and in your card or Valentine, explain why you picked each thing. You can be funny, sweet, serious, or all of the above, depending on the things in your bag!

Stuff you give stick to other stuff–tags, labels, and notes!

Nothing says, “I love you” like stuff that says “I love you”! No matter what last-minute (but still uber-thoughtful) gift you come up with, it can always be enhanced by a fun, or clever, little note. Here are a few creative ways ways to do just that.

3. Your HBO Go password

Everyone loves flowers and chocolate, but what about flowers, chocolate, and an endless source of entertainment?! The big-wigs over at HBO have officially stated that they don’t mind people doing this,  so go ahead and share the love—the love that can only come with a monthly subscription that you (or someone else) pays for.

Super-easy (but totally thoughtful) last-minute Valentine's Day gifts | Cardstore Blog

I feel so warmly about you that I want you to watch Game of Thrones on my (or potentially someone else’s) dime.

4. Message on a Bottle

No, this one has nothing to do with marooned sailors or Nicholas Sparks (especially  not him, actually). Just get a bottle of your sweetheart’s favorite kind of soda and attach a note with a Valentine message like “You’re the soda to my pop” or “You’re soda licious!”

Stuff made out of other  stuff from around your house

One man’s garbage is another man’s Valentine…  Wait… No. Forget I said that…

The point here is that you can take seemingly random stuff from around the house, and turn it into super-thoughtful, super-awesome stuff that ANYONE would smile about getting.

5. An Empty Drawer

When you’re not quite at the moving-in-together stage, but you’re totally cool with the moving-SOME-of-their-stuff-in stage, Valentine’s Day can be the perfect time to let them know. Pick out a drawer, take a cue from tip #1, and let Cupid take care of the rest.  Okay, so you’re not really making  anything new out of the drawer, but you’re transforming it from YOUR drawer into THEIR drawer…

Super-easy (but totally thoughtful) last-minute Valentine's Day gifts

Fill it with happy new memories, clothes, underwear, and other non-perishable goods that need a place to live.

6. Coffee Filter Bouquet

This one’s pretty self-explanatory, not to mention fun, crafty, and pretty stinkin’ cute. I used this tutorial, and it turns out they’re actually super-easy to make, and it’s nearly impossible to make them look bad. (See my version below.)

7. Paper-towel Message Banner

If you’ve got just the right words to express all the things you feel, but you’re looking for JUST the right method for relaying them, this could be the epic (well, kinda epic-ish) thing you’ve been looking for. Take a roll of paper towels and write a word on each section. Roll it back up, and voila—a paper-towel banner of love!

Stuff made out of office supplies!

Work in an office? Does your office have an abundance of clips, sticky-notes, and/or other potentially creative items that no one’s really going to miss? Today’s your lucky day, my friend…

8. Sticky Love Notes

Sticky-notes are meant to be reminders. Who says they can’t be reminders of how much you love someone? On Valentine’s Day, why not remind them again and again (…and again, and again and again)?!

Jessica’s husband, Brandon, did this for her a few years ago. And now they have a baby together. Just sayin’…

9. Paper-clip Handcuffs

If you’ve been thinking “special” thoughts about your special someone all day at the office, this could be a fun way to let them know…

10. Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

Don’t, feel like getting a card at the store? Download and print your own card here to go with whatever gift you’ve chosen. You’ll be done in a minute or two!


See? Easy peasy.

…but what’s that you say? You still want something even EASIER than the things we’ve already shown you?

Fair enough. We’ve still got your back.

Gwen’s designed a free, printable coupon that entitles the recipient to a thing of your choosing. Is this just a fancy way of saying “IOU”? Let’s not worry about that for now… Just click below to print it.

Download this free Valentine's Day Coupon at the Cardstore Blog

Download this free printable coupon.
(Once the new page opens, right click on the image to save it to your computer.)

And if you’re wondering if I’ve ever actually given one of these gifts, here’s a photo of me surprising my lovely wife with one.

Super-easy (but totally thoughtful) last-minute Valentine's Day gifts | Cardstore Blog

Yup. Totally legit.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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