Super-unique kids valentines – with an extra dash of sweetness!

Super-unique kids valentines - with an extra dash of sweetness! | Cardstore Blog

As a kid, I loved Valentine’s Day. Each one of my classmates was going to give me a card and  candy if I was really lucky? What a great day! Not only that, but we got to decorate brown paper lunch bags to collect all of the cards. Crafts, greeting cards, and candy – it was pretty much a perfect day for me.

As happy as I was picking out my kids valentines with my favorite cartoon character – I totally wish that I could have made a super-unique kids valentine. Personalizing them with my own photo? I would’ve had the coolest valentines in school! Since I don’t have kids of my own and I’m not making school valentines anymore, I decided to put together a few of ours with a special touch for those of you at home.

Super-unique kids valentines - with an extra dash of sweetness! | Cardstore Blog

To make my own valentines special as a kid (and when I could convince my mom it was a necessity), I would glue candy onto the envelopes. I wanted to recreate the idea of gluing candy on each envelope… but without the whole glue-on-food part. (Random fact: I was thinking about just how weird it was to glue food and it turns out Elmer’s glue is gluten free!)

So, I opted for washi tape instead, and taped a sucker to the back of each of the washi tape kids valentines (#1 above). It matches so well, it looks like they belong together!

Super-unique kids valentines - with an extra dash of sweetness! | Cardstore Blog

I skipped the adhesive altogether with these superhero valentines (#2) and used a hole-punch to make it look like the little superhero is holding the sucker. Gem stickers added to the crowns of the princess valentines (#3)  added a magical touch, and attaching candy in cello bags to the photo strip and speech bubble valentines (#4) was an easy and unique way to give candy away with these valentines.

I picked up the gem stickers, washi tape, and clear cello bags at Target (in the One Spot), and a few bags of candy. Altogether it cost less than ten bucks to make these valentines go the extra mile!

These are just a few of the kids valentines for school available, so make sure to check out all the options!

Super-unique kids valentines - with an extra dash of sweetness! | Cardstore Blog

Jessica’s little guy, Carter, loved the valentines I whipped up for him!

Did you make your valentines special as a kid? Do you have a great way you personalize your child’s school valentines now? We’d love to hear about it!

And just for our readers, we’re offering our kids valentines for school for just 99¢! Use offer code CSA4149. Valid 1/14/14 – 2/6/14.

ETA: Check out how Rea over at Home For 4 Sweet Home added spring toys to her valentines using a hole punch and a ribbon! Too cute!

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  1. Amber says:

    Oo I so wish I were crafty so I could do some of these. I’m so glad Cardstore contacted me about making some Valentines. My daughter picked the princess ones and she’s SO excited to pass them out to her friends. We’re also sending in bubbles and Frozen pencils. I cannot wait to get the cards and share them with my followers! Thank you!

    PS. LOVED the mustache ones. Tried to get my daughter to go for those but she was like, “No I need the princesses because I’m a princess, didn’t you know?”

    • Awww so happy that your daughter loved the princess valentines so much, Amber! And bubbles are a great idea to send into school… We’ll have to keep that in mind for next year!

  2. Sooo cute. My kids would love this. Will visit with my kids to pick some of these and make use of.

  3. rea says:

    I just published a post about the school valentines cards that you gave me♥

    Thank you so much, I really like it and my son likes it as well.

    Hope to partner with you again in the future!

    • Rea, I absolutely love how your valentines turned out, and how you attached the toy with a ribbon. I’ll add a link to your blog in our post so others can use that great idea as well!

  4. Sofia says:

    Very cute.. I loved it. :)

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