You can’t mail a hug—but you CAN mail a homemade card from your iPad!

It seems like every week, someone around here is bringing in an adorable card that one of their even more adorable kids made on the Creatacard app. Since our team actually designs the card templates, it’s so much fun for us to see which ones they choose—not to mention how much we love to see all the creative artwork that comes out of these little artists!

I wrote a post last spring about Carter’s experience making his grandma a Mother’s Day card, and I’ve found that each time we make a new card together, I get a ton of insight about what makes the best cards.

Since the app is still new, we’re still learning what works and what doesn’t—but we’re especially excited about the new Grandparents Day cards that just launched! Here are a few of my favorites:

Cute Grandparents Day cards from kids - made from the iPad! #creatacard #grandparentsday #cards

And if your kiddos want to get even more creative, they can skip the card templates altogether and create their own card from scratch in the “make a card” section of the app.

I LOVE the adorable card Jessica Shyba’s kids made for their Grandpa’s birthday in the “make a card” section!

Jessica Shyba's kids (#theoandbeau) making their Grandpa a customized card using the Creatacard app! #creatacard #theoandbeau #cards

Photos by Jessica Shyba

If you want to get in on the card-making fun, you can download the Creatacard app for free in the iTunes App Store. (And, don’t forget that Grandparents Day is September 7!)

For more inspiration, check out all our Grandparents Day posts!



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