How to write a love letter (and still sound like yourself)

Tips for how to write a love letter (and still sound like yourself!) | Cardstore Blog

We’re welcoming back Mindy Lockard of The Gracious Girl to give us some of her tips on putting your love into writing. 

A love letter is a gift, but let’s be honest – writing them isn’t always easy, right? For example, there’s the time you’ve been together to consider. What if you’ve only been together a few weeks and saying too much could be awkward? How about if you’ve been together for a lifetime, and you feel like it’s all been said? Or maybe you’re somewhere in between?

As you get ready to tap into your softer-side, here are few of my gracious suggestions for putting your emotions on paper—in an authentic and loving way—no matter how long you’ve been in your relationship.

How to start

Remember that it’s an “I love you,”so as you write, try to make the theme of your love note less about the “I” and more about the “you”. An easy way to do this is to turn “I love how you care for me” into “The way you care for others is inspiring.” This selfless approach communicates that you’ve invested in knowing them. When people feel invested in, it stirs the heart —and potentially a few tears—which in this case, is a good thing. (Don’t worry, it’s #okaytocry.)

What to say

You might feel the pressure to write profound, earth-shattering words… Don’t! A great love letter captures your unique relationship in your own words. So, the style of your card should sound like you. If you’re a couple who enjoys humor, don’t be afraid to go in a funny direction: “Only you can make falling out of a canoe into frigid water an awesome adventure,” or “Your laughter is as contagious as your love of New Kids on the Block.”

You can also talk about things you both love or that you enjoy doing together: an addiction to a frozen yogurt, or early morning trips to the Farmers’ Market in your PJs. Capturing real life in writing will tell your love story more vividly, stirring emotions (and the need for tissues) for years to come.

Where to share

Writing a personal note is so intimate, don’t you think? Sure, we might use social media to share our love for chocolate, wine and running, but there is magic in quietly sharing love between just the two of you. This intimate heart-to-paper, face-to-face exchange allows for a deeper connection—a moment not even the best Instagram photo can compete with.

So, my friends, here’s to graciously and quietly sharing our love on paper, and possibly even evoking a tear or two. (Don’t forget, it’s #okaytocry.)

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