Look what I made! Homemade Mother’s Day gifts for grown-ups

Look what I made! Homemade Mother's Day gifts for grown-ups | Cardstore Blog

For a lot of moms, Mother’s Day means adorable, homemade Mother’s Day gifts created by little hands, and it’s no secret that kid-crafts like these can become some of a mom’s most favorite keepsakes.

But now that you’re older, it doesn’t mean that you still can’t give your mom a totally sweet, nostalgic, homemade Mother’s Day gift that tugs at the heartstrings and reminds her of the good old days when you were a kid.

Are we saying you should paste some uncooked macaroni to a homemade card? No (and we promise not to judge if you do), but if you think about it a little, there’s usually a grown-up version of your favorite kid-crafts. So, why not let Mom know how much she means to you AND show off those far superior motor-skills you’ve gained over the years?

Here are a few ideas to get you going.

1. Homemade jewelry

If you’re like us, you probably remember making your mom necklaces out of things like yarn, beads, colored pasta, or even popcorn. You can bring that same kind of creative joy into the world of adulthood by crafting a necklace out of more grown-up items (which you might even already have around the house). Here are two of our favorite how-tos: a woven bead necklace by Brit + Co., and a super-cute ribbon necklace by I Spy DIY (both pictured above).


2. Hand-decorated flower pots

Remember how, when you were a kid, you’d plant things in the bottom of styrofoam cups and watch them sprout on the window sill? How about recreating that same joy for Mom by giving her a flower-pot containing some early-blooming spring bulbs? You can buy flowers anywhere, but if you plant them yourself, you can decorate the pot, or have your own little ones help you!


3. Face-time for real

Look what I made! Homemade Mother's Day gifts for grown-ups | Cardstore Blog

foodbeam | American Greetings | Laura Spector

Spend some quality time with Mom, just like you did when you were little. If you loved baking cookies together when you were a kid, you might try filling a large mason jar with your favorite cookie-dough mix, and attaching an invite for Mom to join you. Or, if you think she’d enjoy it, you might consider making (or having your kids make) a pinch pot, and presenting it with a gift certificate to a pottery class that you can attend together.


4. Childhood photos

It might not necessarily be a kid-craft, but recreating a photo from your childhood is not only a great way to relive those moments from the past, but also celebrate how far you’ve come. That photo from your family vacation in 1987? Your favorite photo from a picnic in the park? Go back to that place, take a picture of yourself in the exact same spot, and present it side by side with your old photo. If you’ve got kids of your own, maybe you can re-enact the photo with your kids in the picture. Depending on how you treat it, this one could be really silly or really heartfelt—it’s all up to you.


5. A homemade card (kind of)

If you’re looking for the grownup version of a homemade greeting card (but with a lot more production value), look no further. Cardstore has more than a few Mother’s Day cards that are so customizable, once you choose a template, you’ll be creating a completely one-of-a-kind piece art. If you’d still like that box-of-crayons feel, and you’ve got kids of your own, their artwork can still stay front and center on with cards like this one or this one.


6. A handwritten recipe

Do you or your mom have a recipe you’ve been cooking or baking together since you were a kid? Better yet, do you have a recipe actually  written out in your mom or grandma’s handwriting? Turn it into a framed keepsake, or if you’re feeling especially motivated, you can have it engraved on a cutting board!


So, what do you think? Ready for a little extra nostalgia this Mother’s Day? Here’s to always being a kid at heart!

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  1. Penny says:

    These are some great ideas. Not for just Mother’s day but just for something special year round.

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