Happy Halloween from the Cardstore Team!

Just a few behind-the-scenes pics of how we’re celebrating Halloween around here!

The four of us got dressed up for a costume party last weekend, and made sure to take some pictures to share. Despicable Me is one of my favorite movies, so I dressed up as a minion. I used mason jar lids and a black elastic headband to make the goggles, and pipe cleaners for the hair. The costume was super easy to make & I was really happy with how it came out.

Gwen found an image on Pinterest of cat face-paint and decided to go as a black cat. She made her own ears out of paper & dressed in all black – another easy & last-minute costume that turned out really cute! Jessica went as a Buffalo Bills fan – which was especially funny for me because we have an inside joke about my love for Buffalo and the Bills. I was so excited when I saw her, I screamed loud enough that everyone in the neighborhood probably heard me. Mike and his wife, Mel, dressed up as zombie Browns fans. They love the Browns even more than I love the Bills, but Mike says this costume was a statement on the Browns’ Superbowl hopes. Can’t say I’m unable to relate… ;-)

Here at our creative studio, today, there’s a costume contest and a pumpkin-carving contest! There are some CRAZY talented people in this building…

Happy Halloween from the Cardstore Team! | Cardstore Blog

…and on a somewhat related note… Today is Jessica’s wedding anniversary!

Happy Anniversary, Jessica and Brandon!

Here’s wishing you many beautiful years together. We love you guys!

Halloween from the Cardstore Team! | Cardstore Blog

Happy Halloween everyone!

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