Grandparents Day craft for kids – watercolor art

Grandparents Day Watercolor Art {craft for kids} | Cardstore Blog

It’s a scientific fact that Grandparents LOVE homemade things from their grandkids. That’s why we’ve put together this fun, DIY Grandparents Day craft for kids!

What You’ll Need:

– Thick White Paper (cut to 4×6 or 5×7 if you plan to frame)
– White Crayon
– Watercolor Paint
– Paintbrush (preferably with a thicker tip)
– Bowl of Water

Grandparents Day Watercolor Art {craft for kids} | Cardstore Blog

Step 1: Write a message for Grandma and Grandpa using a white crayon

I wrote the message for my son, Carter, since he’s only 2 and was super anxious to get to the painting part. If you have older kids, let them get creative. They won’t be able to see the message as they’re writing it, but that makes it even more fun as they start to paint and watch it magically appear!

Grandparents Day Watercolor Art {craft for kids} | Cardstore Blog

Step 2: Choose your colors

I gave Carter a limited number of colors to work with so he couldn’t just mix them up and end up with brown. Cool colors like blue, green and yellow will work well together, as will warm colors like red, orange and pink.

Grandparents Day Watercolor Art {craft for kids} | Cardstore Blog

Step 3: Paint!

This is the fun part. Give your little one the watercolor paint, a paintbrush, a bowl of water and the paper with the message on it, and let them get to work, filling the page with lots and lots of color!

Grandparents Day Watercolor Art {craft for kids} | Cardstore Blog

Step 4: Let dry & pat your little artist on the back

Once the paint dries, all that’s left is the signature. You can have them sign on the front, just like an artist would, or write your child’s name and the date on the back, so Grandma and Grandpa can look back and smile one day!

Hope you enjoy this craft and have a very happy Grandparents Day!


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  1. Lindsay Boosinger says:

    When I saw this craft, I knew I had to do it with my boyfriend’s daughter who is in LOVE with watercolors. We made one for her Grandma and one for Grandpa. I bought new watercolors so I could give her a limited amount of colors (I know the brown color that happens when they are given the full palette) like you suggested in the article (I wouldn’t have thought of that, and there is no way I could have gotten her to only pick certain colors, lol). Besides doing the writing for her, I let her have full control of the art project!

    Thanks, this was a great idea!

  2. Catherine says:

    We featured this cute craft on our Gifts for Grandparents post over at The Shopping Mama!
    Love it and so will the grandparents in our lives!

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