Graduation gifts – way more fun by the box!

Graduation gifts - way more fun by the box! | Cardstore Blog

Graduation season is just around the corner, which means graduation parties—and graduation parties mean graduation gifts!

Sure, you could just go to someone’s high school graduation party with a check—which is always super useful, and very much appreciated—but if you’re sick of just giving boring old money (*note: I did NOT type that with a straight face), then how about a useful collection of things they can really use once they get to college?

Back around Valentine’s Day, we did a Date-in-a-box post, and that got the gears turning for other gift-in-a-box ideas. Thus was born the awesomely spectacular idea of the grad gift-package… in-a-box! It’s almost like a prize-package that people get just for graduating high school :)

So, we’ve taken a stab at putting together a package meant for someone going away to college. It’s pretty much a random assortment of items that a high school grad might not realize they need—at least not until they step into a dorm (or a dorm shower stall) for the first time.

The College Survival Kit

  • flip flops
  • a shower caddy
  • this book
  • a microwavable soup bowl
  • laundry detergent (in “pod” form, because it’s easier to carry around)
  • some college cuisine (a gourmet selection of ramen noodles and some mac ‘n cheese)
  • a subscription to Neflix (or your HBO Go password, depending on how cool you are)
  • this classic graduation gift book
  • a gas card (so they can get away from campus, or even get home if they need to)

See? The only thing better than a graduation gift is a whole BOX of graduation gifts—and there’s still plenty of room in there for a check, if you so choose :)

I know we concentrated on putting together a package for someone going off to college, but this was just the tip of the grad-gifting iceberg! There are plenty of options for grads who are traveling, planning on living at home for a while, or going straight into the real world. (And we also came up with quite a few gift ideas for grads going to the military, but felt we could do that topic a lot more justice in a post of its own.)

Hopefully, this gets some ideas going for you, but if you think I really missed out on something, by all means, let me know!

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