Date in a Box: Fun date ideas with a DIY twist

Date in a Box: Fun date ideas with a DIY twist! | Cardstore Blog

One night, when my husband and I had first started dating, we were on our way home from the gym and decided to stop and grab something to eat. We spotted The Melting Pot, which we thought sounded awesome, and went in (yes, still in our workout clothes). It didn’t take long after being seated to realize how under-dressed we were, so we bolted before our server could even bring us our water. Oops! Fashion-fail on our part…

We’ve never been back to The Melting Pot (I think subconsciously, I’m still too embarrassed), but I love fondue, and I’ve always wanted to try it at home. So, I thought, why not try it on Valentine’s Day? Well, I’ve seen a few “Date in a Box” ideas floating around recently, and it seems like it would be fun to have this ready-made date, packaged up, waiting for my husband when he gets home.

And thus, the Date in a Box: Fondue Night was born.

When I told Gwen and Lori about my idea, we had such a good time brainstorming the endless Date in a Box possibilities. And this idea definitely isn’t limited to Valentine’s Day! You can use it as a birthday gift, give it to another couple as an anniversary gift, or surprise new parents who could use a romantic night alone.

So, we’ve put together 3 fun date ideas, at 3 different price points, and listed out everything you’ll need to create a Date in a Box of your own!

Date in a Box: Fun date ideas with a DIY twist! | Cardstore Blog

Included in Fondue Night:

Fondue pot
Gel pack fuel
Heart-shaped plate
Valentine’s Day mug
Milk chocolate chips
Pretzel rods
Graham crackers
Heavy whipping-cream (not shown)
Wine glasses
Tea lights


Date in a Box: Fun date ideas with a DIY twist! | Cardstore Blog

Included in Movie Night:

Movie (We love  Easy A)
Popcorn tubs
Movie theater candy
Soft drinks
Fleece blanket


Date in a Box: Fun date ideas with a DIY twist! | Cardstore Blog

Included in Spa Night:

Plush Bath robes
Mahogany scented candle
Lavender vanilla scented candle
Bubble bath
Sugar scrub
Massage oil
Body wash
Women’s body lotion
Men’s body lotion
Printable love notes
Box of chocolates
Chocolate-covered pretzels
Body sponges
Lip balm
Tea lights

Like the spa date idea, but don’t want to spend that much? By replacing the robes with white fluffy towels and buying generic bath & body items, we were able to make a less expensive box that came out to about $65.


And if the Date in a Box ideas above aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, we’ve got a few more creative & fun date ideas that we just had to share:

Full Day of Fun

Love the idea of a Date in a Box, but want to get out of the house? You can plan a full day or night using gift cards. Maybe a gift card to your favorite brunch spot, then tickets to a game or the zoo, a Starbucks card for your afternoon coffee, a couples massage at a local spa, and a dinner date for two.

Indoor Picnic

Want to feel like lovebirds in the spring, but it’s the dead of winter? No problem. Spread out a blanket in your bedroom, pack a couple sandwiches & snacks, pour your lemonade into plastic cups, and don’t forget the paper plates and napkins!

Living Room Camp Out

Who needs the great outdoors when you can build a campsite in your living room? Hang white twinkle lights from the ceiling, use a sheet to make a fort around a bed of pillows, add a few snacks, and you have a romantic campsite for two.

Have any fun date ideas that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Lorraine Marra says:

    My husband Thom always takes me somewhere special for dinner on Valentine’s Day; the last 5 years my 88 year Mom has been living with us, and my husband includes her when we go out for dinner.

  2. Wow…beautiful idea for valentine. The things you have included in the valentine’s date are really wonderful. I think this is the best and the most brilliant idea for wonderful. Emily…I have no words for you as I was planning for surprise this valentine and your creative idea is the best surprise for my husband. Thank you so much for this great inspiration.

    • Emily Jankov says:

      Hi Evelyn, I’m so happy you enjoyed our post and that it helped with your surprise! I hope your Valentine’s Day goes perfectly!

  3. Ally says:

    Where did you get that fondue pot? It’s adorable I love it, all the ones I’ve found online are big and ugly. That one looks like just the right size and so cute!

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