Father’s day gifts he’d love to get… and you would love to give!

My dad is always snapping pictures. I mean ALWAYS snapping pictures. It’s his thing. And you can rest assured that every last one of his photos will end up in a slideshow, set to music.

When his 10-year-old computer started to cause him problems, it became more and more obvious that he needed a new setup. So, last Father’s Day, my sisters and I chipped in and got him a new PC with everything he needed to edit his photos and keep his slideshows moving. He was totally pumped to get it, but my sisters and I might’ve been even MORE excited to give it to him—and I have to admit that I was pleased at the prospect of fewer late-evening “tech support” calls from Dad :)

A few weeks ago, we shared a handy infographic to help you pick out super-thoughtful gifts based on someone’s “gift personality”—in my dad’s case, he’s a total pragmatist, so a replacement for his computer seemed like the perfect gift.

With Father’s Day coming up, we thought we’d re-visit these gift personalities with Dad in mind, and do our part to decrease the number of ties purchased this year (as sharp and as practical as they may be).

If you’re looking for some inspiration for cool Father’s Day gifts, here are some suggestions, categorized by our 4 gift personalities.

A handful of Father's Day gifts for dads who love to get up and do things (or maybe need a break from doing things).

The Experience-seeker

Get dad up and doing stuff with one of these fun suggestions:

  • Father’s Day is in June, and June means blockbuster action movies! If Dad’s a movie buff, then pull out all the stops with a ticket to a theater with IMAX or digital 3D. A gift card for some popcorn and snacks would be the icing on the cake.
  • Think Dad would like something a little less passive? Check out the Father’s Day suggestions on Cloud 9 Living. I searched near Cleveland, and got suggestions that ranged from a golf lesson with a PGA pro to flying a fighter plane! (Prices varied accordingly, of course…)
  • Tickets to go see Dad’s favorite team are always a plus. If you’ve got the means (or the siblings to contribute to a group-gift), you could make the event extra-memorable with seats in the front row, or even a loge. Sites like StubHub! are a good place to find tickets to sold out sections or events (though it can get a little pricey).
  • Plan a parents night out, complete with a babysitter (hint: it’s cheaper if you’re the babysitter!) …and on the flipside, don’t forget that a nap is also an experience (and a valued  one for a lot of dads).


Sometimes the best gifts are the most useful ones. Here are a few Father's Day gifts for dads who like getting things they can put to use.

The Pragmatist

Whether it’s tools for the garage, the grill, the kitchen, or the couch. Do a little recon and think about what this dad could really use:

  • If Dad’s into grilling or barbecuing, chances are he’s got a rig he’s already comfortable with, so try to think of things that’ll work with what he already has. You could always go with a grilling cookbook, if he’s into trying new recipes.  But, if you’d like to keep it utilitarian, I find having a grill light for nighttime or early morning cooking is especially useful—because hey… sometimes grilling needs to happen when it’s dark.
  • Is Dad constantly trying to find an available USB port to charge his gadgets? Let him charge up to 5 devices at the same time with a multi-USB battery pack charger like this one! It’s portable, so it’s perfect for travel—and its small enough to carry around so he’ll never have to plug into a public charging station at an airport (ewww…).
  • Sure, personal grooming is important, but keeping up with the supplies is just another thing on Dad’s list of things to do. Cross it off for him, and keep Dad clean-cut with a subscription to Dollar Shave Club.
  • Tools are always good for the pragmatist, but the problem is figuring out which ones he needs. Instead of snooping around the garage or basement, try to find a really unique tool. Here’s a site dedicated to cool tools and gadgets and he probably doesn’t have yet.


Being a dad doesn't mean you can't still be a kid at heart. Here are some of the best Father's Day gifts for dads who refuse to grow up (in a good way).

The Grown-up Kid

If you give this dad a tie and he smiles, he’s totally faking it. Try one of these instead:

  • With all the things dads do for us, a little extra time on the couch is well-deserved. You can acknowledge that with a content streaming device like Apple TV. Or if he’s into gaming, nothing says “you deserve some time to yourself to shoot zombies” like a gift card to the PSN Network or Xbox Live.
  • Gifts like golf clubs are great for the pragmatist, too, but for the Grown-up Kid, getting newer, better, or fancier ones is pretty much like getting toys for your birthday. (Just be careful to do your homework, so you’re not trying to replace Dad’s lucky putter, or something like that.)
  • Speaking of getting toys for Father’s Day, Man Crates is a website that’ll have Dad literally prying  open a crate of super-awesome man-stuff. They’ve got something fun for everyone—from gamers, to golfers, an all the way down to those with a hankering for a zombie survival kit.
  • Offer to take Dad shopping! No, I’m not talking about a pleasant stroll through a series of quaint shops, where he tries on shirts and pants ad infinitum. I’m talking about setting a budget and letting Dad loose in his favorite store. Even with the rise in popularity of online shopping, nothing beats the immediate gratification of picking something cool off the shelf at a good old brick & mortar store—especially for Grown-up Kids. Oh, and might I suggest this Father’s Day Coupon Card as a delivery method for this gift?


Appeal to Dad's sentimental side with one of these totally keepsakable Father's Day gifts.

The Keepsaker

The thing about dads is that they’re pretty much all giant softies inside. Here are some ideas for the dad who’s especially in tune with his sensitive side:

  • After extensive research (ie: asking a bunch of guys around the office), basically every dad who has little ones at home wants something homemade from them. How about letting the kids fill out our free printable Father’s Day Fill-in-the-Blank book?
  • And while we’re on the subject of stuff-made-by-little-ones, our Creatacard app deserves a shout-out here. Jessica tried it with her son for Mother’s Day, with pretty adorable results.
  • A gadget keychain, a utility pocket knife, a fishing pail… If you just said to yourself, “That totally sounds like stuff my dad would use, but I wonder where I could get one personalized,” I’d be just a little weirded out right now, but your search would definitely be over. You can find all that and more at Personal Creations.
  • In an era where pro sports players seem to change teams as often as underwear, it’s hard to find a player whose name you know you’ll want on the back of your jersey for years to come (shout-out to all my fellow Browns fans—you know what I’m talking about). Instead, let’s celebrate a hometown hero who’ll ALWAYS be there, and get DAD’s name on the back of a jersey. All the major sports teams will do it for you, but summer is  baseball season


I hope these Father’s Day gift ideas help you get the inspiration going, and would love to hear any other good ones you might have. …and if you DO go with a tie, we totally support that, too. Just make sure he’s not hoping for something that plugs into the television.

Happy Dad’s Day!


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