How to make a gorgeous fall wreath for under $30 {DIY}

How to make a gorgeous fall wreath for under $30 {DIY} | Cardstore Blog

Fall is just around the corner, and here in Cleveland, we’re already breaking out our fall clothes and decorating our houses! Front door decorations are a must at my home, and this year it will be a burlap wreath. I think wreaths are a cozy way to welcome friends and family to my house, but I typically like to make my own because I can never really seem to find a store-bought one that feels like me. This fall wreath turned out super-cute, was relatively inexpensive to make (under $30), and has us all wanting to get our craft on!

How to make a gorgeous fall wreath for under $30 {DIY} | Cardstore Blog

–          burlap ribbon by the roll (we got ours in the wreath section of the craft store)
–          (1) 14” straw wreath (don’t remove plastic wrapping)
–          (1) small chalkboard (ours was 9”x5.5”)
–          chalk or chalk pens
–          hot glue gun + hot glue sticks
–          fall foliage of choice
–          pearl pins
–          raffia ribbon
–          scissors

Step 1: Leave the straw wreath in its plastic wrapping (this will keep the straw from poking through the burlap). Pin and glue down the end of the burlap. Wait about 2 minutes for it to dry, and then begin wrapping the burlap around the wreath. I wrapped mine pretty tight so it wouldn’t come loose.

Step 2: When you’re finished wrapping the wreath, cut off the remaining burlap and fold the end under to prevent unraveling. Glue and pin the end, and let it dry. (I made sure to start and finish wrapping mine in the back of the wreath in case it was unsightly!)

Step 3: If your foliage is in a large bunch, pull off just the pieces that you plan to use. Decide where you want to add your decorations and lay them out roughly. Then, once you’ve decided on your layout, start gluing and/or pinning it all down. (I chose to pin mine so I could remove it later and make a winter wreath around the holidays!)

Step 4: Once your decorations are pinned down, place your chalkboard inside the wreath. If you can find the right size chalkboard, you can just dig the corners into the wreath without gluing it in. If you want added security, you can place a couple of pins behind the chalkboard to ensure it doesn’t slip loose.

Step 5: Cut 3 strands of raffia ribbon – each about 4 ft. long. Tie all 3 together at one end and start braiding. (It helps if you pin the strands down to something so you can braid faster.) Once you’ve braided the whole length, tie it at the other end. Lastly, take both knotted ends and tie once more, so the loose ends of the strands are all going the same direction. This will be how you hang your wreath from the hook on your door.

That’s it! Now all you need to do is write your message, hang it up, and enjoy your new fall look!

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  1. Sherry Watson says:

    Beautiful and looks pretty easy!!!!!

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