Not just for plants: a DIY cake stand made from terracotta pots!

A creative DIY cake stand made from terracotta pots #terracotta #claypots #cakestand #diy

It seems like every store I go into lately has a plethora of terracotta pots just waiting to be put to use. Since they’re so inexpensive and readily available, I wanted to find a creative, alternative use for them.

I racked my brain for creative DIY ideas that could involve terracotta pots: Something to hold utensils? No, that’s just a container for something different–a little too obvious. An ice bucket? No, still just another container… And finally, when I stopped thinking about pots only as containers, it hit me. A DIY cake stand!

This project was super easy and looks fantastic! You’d never guess there’s a couple terracotta pots under that white and gold :)

A creative DIY cake stand made from terracotta pots #terracotta #claypots #cakestand #diy

How to make this DIY cake stand:


  • 4.7″ clay rose pot (rose pots are nice because they have a very small lip at the top)
  • 10″ terracotta plant saucer ceramic glue (I used Scotch maximum strength adhesive)
  • paint of choice
  • clear epoxy (to seal paint and make food-safe)
  • spray paint (optional)
  • painters tape, to create clean lines (optional)
  • gold leaf (optional)


To create your cake stand, follow the instructions on the ceramic glue, and seal the back of the plant saucer to the underside of the small pot. Wait for the glue to dry, and then paint!

I decided to make mine gilded, since I already had gold leaf on hand. It’s simple, and a lot of fun—I followed a great tutorial over at Pretty Prudent on how to add gold leaf to anything.

I also didn’t want my cake sitting directly on paint, so I used a clear epoxy (it creates a hard plastic) to seal the inside of the saucer. Doing this makes clean up really easy, too, since all you need to do is wipe it down! When you apply the epoxy, you’ll want to make sure to follow the epoxy instructions carefully—using a 50/50 ratio is so important! It ensures that the epoxy will fully cure (harden) and not remain tacky. Note: most epoxies are not recommended for surfaces that you would cook or pour food into, but are OK, once fully cured, to use for “limited” food contact—i.e. a serving tray… or cake stand. 

A creative DIY cake stand made from terracotta pots #terracotta #claypots #cakestand #diy

A big thank you to Sugar Plum Cake Co. for the beautiful cake. It was as delicious as it looks!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this craft as much as I enjoyed making it.

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