5 customizable party craft ideas for kids, perfect for their next birthday!

When I was a kid, I liked playing games at birthday parties, but I always thought it was way more special when I got to make a craft that I could bring home with me. To help spread some of that birthday party magic, I’ve put together some of my favorite craft ideas for kids. They’re easy, kid-friendly, and only require a little help from adults—perfect for birthday parties, and kids of all ages!

On top of that, they can all be customized to your party’s theme—so, whether you’re diving under the sea with an underwater themed party, or soaring above the clouds with a super hero theme, you’re sure to find something that works!

1. Tote Bag Crafts

First up on my list (and my absolute favorite)—tote bags that kids can decorate and continue to use even after they’re home!

Kids can add anything from hand prints to drawings of their favorite things, and if they’re old enough to use them, you could even put out stencils that match your theme. (This DIY is specific to Mother’s Day, but you could customize it to any party.)


 2. Cookie Decorating

The idea of a cookie decorating station is a really close second. All you need to do is set out a stack of plain sugar cookies—along with icing, sprinkles and any other goodies—and let the kids have fun decorating. This one could get messy, so make sure you put down a plastic tablecloth or set it up outside. You could even add to the theme by passing out cute aprons and baking hats for everyone to wear!


3. Make-your-own Masks

What kid wouldn’t love creating their very own mask?! Set them up with everything they’ll need (starting with paper plates or pre-cut foam masks, glue, glitter, stickers, crayons, markers etc.) and watch them get creative! These also double as really cute props for your photos :)


4. Popsicle Stick Frames

Start your pint-sized guests out with clean popsicle sticks, markers, glue, beads/buttons (depending on the ages), glitter, and stickers. (I recommend just buying a bag of fresh/clean popsicle sticks, since it’s more sanitary and they aren’t stained from the juice). Then, just let them go crazy with their own creativity! What’s even more fun is that you can snap some photos of the kids with the birthday boy/girl and then send them the photo, so they can print it and put it in the frame!


5. Tissue-paper Sun Catchers

This craft is sure to add some color to your windows, and kids will love being able to see their work of art shining day after day! It can be completely customized to your theme just by buying or creating a template, and it’s really easy for kids of all ages. You could even get fancy and hang them like a mobile, using a simple embroidery loop and yarn.


Your little guests are sure to love any one of these crafts, so pick one and get the party started!

Let me know if you have any other suggestions, and I’d love to hear how you used these ideas.

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  1. Amazing those idea and better for kids .

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