Fun (and easy!) Christmas traditions for kids

To a lot of people, Christmas means traditions—but not all of them have to be a big deal. Some of the best ones are the little ones we start with our kids, that, eventually, they can pass on to kids of their own.

Here are some fun Christmas traditions for kids that people here in our studio have started with their own families.

1. The Very Special Ornament

Do your kids have a favorite Christmas ornament, or one that they just seem to gravitate to every year? If so, read on. (And even if not, you should still read on because it’s a pretty cute tradition.)

When Jessica’s husband Brandon was a little boy, his parents chose one ornament that the family especially loved and dubbed it the most special of all ornaments. Every year growing up, they would save that ornament for last, and either Brandon or his sister (depending on whose year it was) would get to put the last, most special ornament on the tree.

Even once they’d moved out, their parents still saved the last ornament for when they came home for the holidays. And now that they’re adults, the tradition has been passed on to the grandkids. Here’s Jessica’s son Carter doing his merry duty (with a little help from his grandma) for the first time:

Christmas traditions for kids that are cute and easy!

“Brandon and his sister love being able to watch their kids get just as excited about the ornament as they did when they were little.” -Jessica


2. Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Every year on Christmas morning, when Elizabeth’s boys are done opening all the presents Santa brought them, they get to go on a scavenger hunt.

It starts with a single clue (stuffed into an ornament on the Christmas tree), but leads them all around the house until they find a second batch of presents—from Mom & Dad!

Elizabeth says another member of our team gave her the idea, and even though her sons are now grown, she still keeps the Christmas magic alive by doing this for them year after year.

Christmas traditions for kids that are cute and easy! Love this idea of a scavenger hunt to find the presents from Mom & Dad.

“The thing I love the most about this is that it adds one more fun activity (and a few surprises) to the kids’ Christmas morning. I’m looking forward to doing this for lots and lots of Christmases to come!” -Elizabeth


3. Kids Leave Santa the Darndest Things

Santa delivers a LOT of toys to a LOT of kids.

Naturally, that means the jolly old elf probably consumes a BOATLOAD of milk and cookies. Why not look out for his cholesterol levels and let your kids pick something else out for him?

That’s what Meghan, our Sr. Social Media Manager, did with her daughter Lillian last year—and with pretty adorable results.

Check out Santa’s plate of parsley, half an onion, and bread below. The note you see was dictated to Meghan from her daughter :)

Christmas traditions for kids that are cute and easy!

“It’s been a challenge to let go of my former wedding-planner/loves to decorate-r mentality and let the girls have their Christmas, but it’s something I’ve made a conscious decision to do. Their glowing faces as they create what they see as beautiful are more magical and lovely than anything else I could have found on Pinterest or styled myself.” -Meghan


Have any traditions of your own you’d like to share? We’d love to hear about them!

However you spend your holidays, we hope you find yourself making lots of merry memories with friends and family.


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