Chill out this summer with watermelon mint ice pops

One of my go-to summer recipes is a spin on this salad, but given it has made an appearance at a picnic or two every summer, I couldn’t help but think I’d hear a collective sigh of boredom this year if I showed up with the same dish. I love the refreshing quality […] Read More »

St. Patrick’s Day treats {Friday finds}

Growing up, I loved St. Patrick’s Day because when we woke up in the morning, it was guaranteed my mom had turned anything and everything she could in the fridge green. It was magical, fun… and slightly gross looking ;) Green milk, green orange juice (oh yes, it looked as […] Read More »

DIY gifts for coffee lovers {friday finds}

Coffee is one of the first things on my mind when I wake up, so today I'm sharing some of my favorite coffee-related DIYS with you.

If you’re anything like me, coffee is one of the first things on your mind when you wake up (and after lunch to get past that 2:30 slump). I love coffee—and I love all the fun accessories that go along with drinking coffee. So, on one of the coldest days of […] Read More »

Labor Day Recipes {friday finds}

Delicious Labor Day recipes to mark the end of summer! #laborday #recipes

Labor Day is almost here, and whatever your plan is for celebrating the holiday, I bet it involves some delicious end-of-summer food! If so, we have something in common :) My husband and I are having a small get-together at our house next weekend, so I’m in recipe-gathering mode today. I’ve found a […] Read More »

More Summer BBQ Fun! Free Printable Burger Recipes

Point people toward burger bliss with these free, printable recipe cards! #burgers #recipes

Last week, we did a delicious post on spicing up your summer BBQ with a gourmet burger bar. We got pretty creative with some of the toppings we included, so we made these free printable recipe cards to offer suggestions on what to do with them. Print them out and […] Read More »

4th of July {friday finds}

July 4th cake - easier than you think #july4 #dessert #july4dessert #cake

The 4th of July is almost here and I couldn’t be happier! It’s a great holiday to surround yourself with friends, family, food, and crafts. Here’s a few of my favorite patriotic projects for you to try at home. Happy red, white, and blue!             […] Read More »

Ideas to spice up your summer BBQ (featuring a gourmet burger bar!)

Spice up your summer BBQ with a mouthwatering tablescape and gourmet burger bar! #burgers #cookouts #summertime #BBQ

Summertime means cookouts, and cookouts usually mean piles of brown burger patties in foil pans, sitting next to plastic bags of buns. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with serving burgers that way, but why settle when your summer BBQ can have an amazingly tempting tablescape featuring burgers (duh), a variety of […] Read More »

Little treats with big personality: fun appetizers on a stick

If you’re like me, you’ve been inundated with all sorts of blogs and pins of absolutely PERFECT looking parties and wonder, “who on earth has time to do THAT?” Well, over the coming months, we’re going to show you a few simple tricks and tips to add extra zestiness to […] Read More »

Gingerbread Christmas cookies… with a cheesecake surprise!

Gingerbread Christmas cookies... with a cheesecake surprise! | Cardstore Blog

These gingerbread Christmas cookies are sure to impress at any holiday party. They require a little love, but they are well worth the effort. Their festive look and flavors make them the perfect holiday treat, and the cheesecake filling adds a tasty surprise! Prep Time: 40 minutes  |  Ready In: […] Read More »

How to make birthday cake cookies (did you even know that was a thing?)

How to make birthday cake cookies (did you even know that was a thing?) | Cardstore Blog

I love birthdays, and I love cookies, so when I came across a recipe for birthday cake cookies, I was super excited to make them for my friend’s birthday. I modified the recipe to my taste, and they came out delicious! This recipe makes around 40-45 cookies. Ingredients: – 1/2 […] Read More »