DIY photo magnets — easy, inexpensive, and fun!

I’ve seen these Instagram magnets all over blogs and Pinterest in the last few years (and I’ve even seen them shared on Instagram—how meta!). I think it’s a brilliant way to get your photos off your computer or phone and have a physical copy of your favorite snapshots. (Plus, they […] Read More »

Making a card? 35 instantly usable Christmas card messages

Wondering what to write on the inside of your Christmas card? Here are 35 Christmas card messages, to go with any design.

Last year, I did a post on what to write in a Christmas card. While that one was geared toward longer, more personal messages, I totally get that sometimes (especially if you’re sending out photo cards), you just need something nice and quick to add that last personal touch. If that’s […] Read More »

How to take your own family photo at home

How to take your own family photo, with tips on choosing a location and using a self-timer.

Every fall, my mother-in-law gets everyone together to take a family photo for her Christmas card. With each passing year, we’ve gotten a little better (and a little more creative) at using a timer and a tripod to get everyone in our growing family looking and smiling. I have to say, as long […] Read More »

Easy photo editing: How to color correct using free software

Learn how to color correct your indoor and outdoor photos in 3 quick steps using free photo editing software!

Last week, I shared a quick tutorial on how to save a dark photo, and today I wanted to show you easy photo editing tips to correct color problems. As I mentioned in the dark photo tutorial, two of the most common problems are that outdoor photos look too cool […] Read More »

How to save a dark photo with free software

Learn how to save your underexposed photos with this step-by-step tutorial!

Over the years, I’ve had plenty of family and friends ask me for help fixing their photos—saving a great shot that came out too dark, cropping, resizing, removing a blemish—you name it and I’ve been asked to do it. As much as I love helping them out, I wanted to see […] Read More »

This DIY ombré tissue paper backdrop makes any celebration a bit more fun!

This DIY ombré tissue paper backdrop makes any celebration a bit more fun! | Cardstore Blog

With my husband’s 30th birthday and my baby shower both coming up in a couple of weeks, I’m in full on party planning mode! So naturally, when I found out that Carter, Jessica‘s totally adorable son, is having his third birthday party soon, I knew I wanted to help out […] Read More »

Spring has sprung! DIY paper flowers for a happier spring cocktail

Spring has sprung! DIY paper flowers for a happier spring cocktail | Cardstore Blog

The weather is finally warming up here in Ohio, and that can only mean one thing: warm-weather drinks! And what drink isn’t better garnished with something festive? I’ve been seeing different kinds of DIY paper flowers pop up this past year (like these oversized wedding flowers and this wall display), so I thought, […] Read More »

8 newborn photography tips for the perfect baby announcement

8 newborn photography tips for the perfect baby announcement | Cardstore Blog

I’m not sure if the birth of my baby boy spurred my love for photography, or if he just made it a lot more fun. Either way, my paparazzi-style parenting is now in full swing. The very first “photo shoot” I did with Carter was for his newborn photos. I […] Read More »

Oh, baby! A too cute DIY gender reveal piñata

It’s been a pretty exciting few months for my husband and I—we found out we’re expecting our first baby, and just a few days ago we revealed the baby’s gender with our friends and family! I’ve seen gender reveals done in some really cute ways—some people use balloons, chalkboard drawings […] Read More »

Gingerbread Christmas cookies… with a cheesecake surprise!

Gingerbread Christmas cookies... with a cheesecake surprise! | Cardstore Blog

These gingerbread Christmas cookies are sure to impress at any holiday party. They require a little love, but they are well worth the effort. Their festive look and flavors make them the perfect holiday treat, and the cheesecake filling adds a tasty surprise! Prep Time: 40 minutes  |  Ready In: […] Read More »