Date in a Box: Fun date ideas with a DIY twist

Date in a Box: Fun date ideas with a DIY twist! | Cardstore Blog

One night, when my husband and I had first started dating, we were on our way home from the gym and decided to stop and grab something to eat. We spotted The Melting Pot, which we thought sounded awesome, and went in (yes, still in our workout clothes). It didn’t […] Read More »

Happy Sweetest Day! {share it}

Happy Sweetest Day! | Cardstore Blog

Happy Sweetest Day! In case you’ve never heard of it, Sweetest Day is the third Saturday in October, and is celebrated mostly in the Great Lakes region. (Yup… That includes our creative studio here in Cleveland!) A lot of people treat it sort of like a second Valentine’s Day, but […] Read More »

Love Quote FREE Desktop Wallpaper!

FREE 'Love Makes Life a Beautiful Ride' desktop and mobile wallpaper | Cardstore Blog

We’re currently putting the final touches on our Valentine’s Day 2014 card line, but just like my peek into the brush script workshop, I couldn’t wait to share! I created this free desktop wallpaper from a card that was beautifully lettered and illustrated by Melanie Hudson Gali, (yep, that’s Mike’s wife […] Read More »

A free printable lunchbox note for Sweetest Day!

A free printable lunchbox note for Sweetest Day! | Cardstore Blog

When I was in grade school, my mom would sometimes draw pictures or write notes on my lunch bag and it always made me feel special. So, with Sweetest Day just around the corner, I made this free printable lunchbox note that you can share with your kids – just […] Read More »