“Will you be my bridesmaid?” – creative ways to pop question #2!

"Will you be my bridesmaid?" - creative ways to pop question #2! | Cardstore Blog

First of all, if you’re recently engaged, CONGRATULATIONS! This is a really exciting time in your life. I’ve been married for a year and a half now, and it’s been totally amazing. It was pretty late in the evening the night my husband proposed to me, but I still called […] Read More »

A virtual high-five for people who LOVE Halloween

A virtual high-five for people who LOVE Halloween | Cardstore Blog

Halloween can be a ton of fun for both kids and adults. When you think about it, though, a lot of that fun starts with a few really awesome, Halloween-obsessed people who make it fun for the rest of us. This one’s a shout-out to them. Know somebody who turns […] Read More »

{share it} You win at being a friend

Tell your friends just how great they are! | Cardstore Blog

Great friends, and great friendships, should never go unrecognized… That’s why we created this friend award! Post it on their Facebook wall or use one of the buttons below – however you share it, someone’s getting a little extra happiness in their day. Read More »