A Care Bears gift guide with a little nostalgia and a lot of fun

Care Bears Stare…at all of these great gift ideas!

How can you not love these little bears?

Putting this gift guide together really brought me back to some great memories of growing up. And with all the great, new Care Bears stuff that’s around now, it’s so nice to be able to share those memories and make new ones with my kids.

There are so many options to choose from, like DVDs, the classic Care Bears, of course, and even costumes. (Do those come in adult sizes?!)

I hope you find some fun gifts for your next party and that this gift guide puts that childhood smile back on your face.

Happy Shopping!

How can you not love the Care Bears?! Here's a gift guide that'll take you back, and help you make some new memories with the next generation of Care-a-Lot.


1.| Build-A-Bear Care Bears 2.| Care Bear figurines  3.| Tween costume  4.| Personalized book 5.|  Book bag 6.| Card 7.| Chevron Grumpy bear  8.| Backpack clip 9.| Matching game 10.| Glow-a-Lot Bears 11.| Bearied Treasure DVD 12.| T-shirts at Khol’s (in stores only) 13.| Dune Buggy 14.| Bike


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  1. md.rasel says:

    Yes all are so excellent ideas all babies are like these kind of gifts my girl also love this. Thanks for sharing such creative idea.

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