Card-making just got WAY more fun for kids (and adults!)

I love Saturday mornings at home with my little man. My husband works on Saturdays, so Carter and I make breakfast together, play games, and just generally spend quality time together. It’s usually easy for us to stay busy, but winter has been LONG this year in Ohio, and lately we’ve been running out of things to do. Meanwhile, my to-do list (of responsible, grown-up things) just keeps growing longer and longer.

So, I could hardly wait for our new Creatacard kids app to be released on the iPad, and I was super excited to try it out with Carter by making a few Mother’s Day cards for Grandma. (Something that’s fun for him and  lets me cross something off my to-do list? Sold!)

Carter making his very own paper greeting card on the Creatacard app!

We fired up the Creatacard app, which has two options: to start from scratch or to choose a card template. He made his own card from scratch first, using the virtual crayons, paint, markers, stamps, and stickers. (He loved  the stickers and stamps.) I helped him by adding some text for him to draw around.

Carter making his very own paper greeting card on the Creatacard app!

Then, we tried option 2 (the one we ended up sending). We looked through the card templates, and he picked one that he could add his photo to and send to Grandma. We used the camera on the iPad to take a silly picture of him, signed the inside, put in Grandma’s address, and voila! A beautiful paper card that we made together was on its way to Grandma, professionally printed and mailed for us—just as if we’d created it on the Cardstore website.

The finished paper card we made on the new Creatacard app!

I can honestly say I LOVE this app (and not just because I helped make it)! It’s so easy and fun, and Carter feels like he actually made the card for Grandma, rather than me helping him sign one I brought home from the store. The only problem is… now he keeps asking to make more cards :)

If you download the Creatacard app, stop back and let us know what you think!


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