5 (Potentially Last Minute) Boss’s Day Gifts – and a free printable!

5 (potentially last-minute) Boss's Day gifts | Cardstore Blog

Have a great boss? Boss’s Day is coming up in two days (October 16). If you’ve already planned out a thoughtful gift to show your appreciation for all their hard work, then we salute you. But if you don’t have anything planned yet, and you think your boss deserves a little something nice, then look no further. We’ve racked our brains to give you a list of five pretty nice (and potentially last-minute) Boss’s Day gifts.

1. Our Friend, the Coffee Mug

Yes, it’s been done. …and chances are, your boss already has one. But that doesn’t mean this has to be more of the same. This is about thoughtfulness, just as much as utility. Does your boss love Elvis? How about a mug with The King on it? Sci-fi nerd? Don’t judge, just get the Star Trek mug.

2. Anything Else That Has to Do with Coffee

Any boss can use a boost. Give yours a pick-me-up with a caffeine-related gift. You can always get a gift card to their favorite nearby coffee shop, or if your office has a Keurig (like ours does), most big-box department stores will carry a pretty nice k-cup carousel, along with a gift-set of assorted coffees.

3. Stress Relief

Being a boss can be a pretty stressful endeavor, but you can help reduce your boss’s stress levels in a number of ways. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Aromatherapy items
  • A gift certificate for a therapeutic massage (maybe there’s a place nearby where they can go during lunch?)…
  • …or an on-call masseuse in the form of a shiatsu massage pillow.
  • And then there’s the well-known, age-old solution: a bottle of wine. (This one depends, of course, on how appropriate this is in your work environment, and how well you know your boss.)

4. Order Something Online!

Plenty of sites can deliver a gift on short notice, and you can get anything from flowers, to a cookie or fruit bouquet, to a gift basket. If you have it delivered to yourself (instead of your boss), you can attach your own card, and have everyone that chipped in sign it!

Here are a few ideas:

5. A Boss’s Day Certificate

Already have an idea, but need a last-minute delivery method? How about a Boss’s Day Certificate? It can be from one person, or a group of people, and it can be for just about anything. Don’t worry about having to make one, either. We’ve got you covered.

Free printable Boss's Day coupon (and 5 last-minute gift ideas) | Cardstore Blog

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