7 birthday surprise ideas to make their day super-extra special

7 birthday surprise ideas to make their day super-extra special | Cardstore Blog

It’s no secret that we absolutely LOVE birthdays—they’re like little, personal holidays for celebrating all our favorite people!

But sometimes—maybe it’s someone’s birthday that you’re really close to, or even someone that’s just been great to you in the past year—those celebrations call for something EXTRA special.

Here are some super-fun (and for the most part, pretty easy) birthday surprise ideas for when you need to go that extra celebratory mile.

Download the free printable Birthday Schedule - 7 birthday surprise ideas to make their day super-extra special | Cardstore Blog

1. Day of awesomeness

Turn someone’s birthday into a day full of awesomeness. Think of all the things they love (their favorite places to eat, things they like to do, or places you know they love to shop), and fill their day with it. Each stop could be a surprise, with the birthday-person being whisked from one thing to the next—or at the start of the day, you could hand them a full itinerary using our free printable birthday schedule. This could last for a day, a weekend, or a week!

Download our free printable birthday schedule (comes with two options, so you can plan a lot or a little).

7 birthday surprise ideas to make their day super-extra special | Cardstore Blog

2. Round-the-clock gifting

Everyone loves getting gifts, so why not keep that feeling going all throughout the day? You could give a birthday present once every hour (or every few hours), saving the biggest/best gift for last. If you’ve decided to combine this with the ‘day of awesomeness’ idea from #1, you could give a present related to each event you have throughout the day!

3. 12 days of birthday fun

It’s just like the Christmas song, but with a birthday present leading up to someone’s birthday. We originally saw the idea on Mother’s Niche, but thought that it would be really cool to do with a theme. For example, if your big birthday gift for someone was a weekend getaway to the beach, each smaller gift for the first eleven days could be a clue leading up to the big gift—a pair of flip-flops, sunglasses, or a bottle of suntan lotion.

7 birthday surprise ideas to make their day super-extra special | Cardstore Blog

4. Balloon avalanche!

Nothing says birthday like balloons! Surprise your kids, your significant other, or roommate with an avalanche of balloons as soon as they open the door. This is usually done while the birthday person is sleeping, but it would be pretty great for a surprise party, too! Or you could put a birthday present in a closet, and then fill the closet with balloons like Oh Happy Day, so all the birthday happy falls out when they open it!

5. Flower bomb

If you like the balloon avalanche, but you’re looking for something much prettier (that also smells nice), check out this flower bomb idea from designlovefest.

7 birthday surprise ideas to make their day super-extra special | Cardstore Blog

6. Care package

Remember when getting mail was still fun (before all those annoying bills started showing up)? If you can’t be with someone on their birthday, bring back some of that postal joy by sending a birthday care package. Just think of all the things you’d bring along to celebrate if you could be there, add in a few nods to inside jokes, and ship them in a box!

Oh Happy Day’s  Birthday in a Can is a fun twist that’s great for kids. If you’re looking for a romantic gift, create a fun night in for you & your significant other using one of our Date in a Box ideas. If you love the idea of a birthday care package but don’t know where to begin, you can always order one from the experts at yourcarepackages.com.

7 birthday surprise ideas to make their day super-extra special | Cardstore Blog

7. Cards, cards and more cards

What’s better than a birthday card? How about a whole week’s worth of birthday cards? If you buy your cards online, you can have them all scheduled to go out on different days, so your birthday-boy or girl will get one every day leading up to their birthday. Oh, and we may know of a birthday card website that can help ;)

Hope these ideas get those birthday juices flowing, and as always, if you’ve got other ideas for us, we’d love to hear them!

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  1. Amber White says:

    Oh wow! I really like the fifth birthday idea. Its so creative and incredible.

    • Gwen Bucknell says:

      It’d be so great to walk out and see your car full of flowers, wouldn’t it?! I love how outside the box this idea is :)

  2. char sailer says:

    I got more than 50 people to send my brother a card for his 50th birthday..half of them were complete strangers who wrote him some of the funniest messages…’remember me and that night we spent together 30 yrs ago?’..I walked around with cards for a few weeks so some would arrive every day…he loved it!

  3. Thank You! For Sharing Such a Good Ideas to make someone’s day Happy

    • Gwen Bucknell says:

      You are very welcome! As awesome as it would to be on the receiving end of any of these, I think giving them might just be a little better ;) If you end up using any of these, we would love to hear the response!

  4. Tied Ribbons says:

    Thanks for sharing such a nice collection of gifts.

  5. Really impressive post. Well, i get some new ideas from this post about birthday gifts. Really appreciate your knowledge and ideas.

    • Gwen Bucknell says:

      So glad you enjoyed this post! We love hearing that our hard work to find stuff doesn’t go unappreciated :)

  6. Natasha says:

    My friend’s birthday is coming soon and I would love to give her the most unexpected birthday! (Since it will be the last time we celebrate with her as she is flying off soon, I would want to make the last one a memorable one, who knows when we will meet again!) Thanks for these great ideas! I love 1-5 :D

  7. Divyanshi says:

    The ideas are gr8 ……. Creative n so incredible

  8. shamooda says:

    gonna be doing 1 and 2 for our best friends birthday….. goodies at every spot!

  9. John says:

    I like the fifth birthday idea. I would do it this way. thank you very much

  10. jayendra says:

    very nice surprise

  11. Cali says:

    Great Awesome Surprise idea nice to read this especially Flower bomb idea fully awesome!!

  12. Jaimie says:

    These are fantastic ideas for birthday surprises, but in suggestion 3 it is mentioned that the 12 days of Christmas are the days leading up to Christmas. Actually, the 12 days of Christmas are the days after Christmas, leading up to the Feast of Epiphany on January 6. In this spirit, you could use a birthday as the starting point for several days of celebration, much as Christmas Day is traditionally the starting point for 12 days of celebration.

    • Gwen Bucknell says:

      Hi Jaimie, thanks so much for pointing this out! I will admit I didn’t know that, so it’s really good information! I think presents leading up to the birthday, or your idea presents for days after are both great ideas :)

  13. Merry John says:

    I like the Round-the-clock gifting idea. That is interesting and unique. The birthday of my brother is about to come. Thank you so much for such good tips.

  14. Ariel says:

    these r so fantastic ideas………..I would like 2 utilize them

  15. Great ideas for birthday surprises. i really liked it. I have also a surprising gift idea which is really very
    interesting. i know a website where you can register a star in the sky for your beloved one and i am sure this gift will be very unique. it will makes happy if you name a star for your special one. If you want more information about this special gift then visit here http://www.internationalstarregistrant.com

    • Gwen Bucknell says:

      What a great idea! How cool would it be to say that you have a star in the sky named after you? :) Thanks for sharing and for providing more info!

  16. Great ideas here. I was checking constantly this blog and I am impressed. thanks for sharing birthday ideas.

  17. Zaitoon says:

    I feel these have to be done and planned from morning ….. So I didn’t find it much helpful

  18. umesh kumar says:

    He I want to make my girl friend birthday special any ideas?

    • Gwen Bucknell says:

      The flower bomb idea would be an amazing thing to do for your girl friend! Even if you can only do a fraction of what is shown :)

  19. Hi
    Nice collection of gift ideas! I would definitely love to get some of the things on this list :)
    More about details..Anniversary Special!!

  20. the ideas were not quite helpful for kids…..

    • Gwen Bucknell says:

      Are you looking for ideas for kids to do, or ideas to surprise kids? That’s a great callout and we can work on creating a post that’s directed more towards kids :) Thanks for the feedback!

  21. David says:

    HI bucks would I surprise u

  22. What a great list, the advice really helped me this year.

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