Oh, baby! Baby gift ideas for moms-to-be

Goo-goo, ga-ga!  Ever notice how much stuff babies need to be equipped with at any given time? It’s A LOT.

Whether you or someone you know is ready to have a baby, being prepared is super helpful. (As “prepared” as you can be, anyway…)

That’s why my gift guide offers moms-to-be some things they didn’t realize they’d need (like baby friendly nail clippers), and maybe even a little bit of sanity (indestructible story books).

And I couldn’t forget to include something special just for Mom… I know bathing becomes a luxury after baby arrives, so the Hello Gorgeous bath set makes the perfect little gift!

Enjoy and happy baby shopping!

New babies need a LOT of stuff. Help out a new mom, or prepare a mom-to-be, with these 13 baby gift ideas!

1. Honest diapers | 2. Nail trimmers | 3. Frog playmat | 4. Aden+Anais swaddle cloth | 5. Sophie the giraffe | 6. Card | 7. Hello Gorgeous bath set | 8. Lemon leggings | 9. Mustela gift set | 10. Baby outfit set | 11. Elephant bank | 12. Boppy | 13. Indestructible book set


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  1. Your generated idea is excellent it will work best to my baby.

  2. Great gift idea . Very amazing .

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