Our favorite baby gear & happy things – tried and true items from real-life moms

Our favorite baby gear & happy things | tried and true items from real-life moms | Cardstore Blog

Last month, I shared our favorite baby essentials, recommended by a few been-there, done-that moms. This month, I’ll be talking about some of the baby gear you’ll need for your new little person, and also some of our favorite, must-have items to keep baby happy.

We all know how much fun it is to buy baby clothes, but if you’re registering, there’s really no need to add any to your list. If you’re expecting, chances are you’re already stocking up on baby clothes, and you’re going to get TONS more. So, it can be super-helpful to add things that your baby WON’T outgrow in the blink of an eye.

The things listed below make great registry items because they have a longer shelf life—which in the world of a baby, is anything over 6 months! And while some of them are kind of big-ticket items, don’t be afraid to register for them, too, because people love to go in for group gifts.

Our favorite baby gear & happy things | tried and true items from real-life moms | Cardstore Blog

1. J.J. Cole Bundle Me Car Seat Cover
I know firsthand that this is awesome to have instead of worrying about taking blankets. It’s soft, fuzzy, warm, and fits snuggly on top of your car seat. On top of that, it’s easy to use and pops off easily to toss in the laundry.

2. Baby Bjorn Carrier One
If you’re thinking about baby-wearing, this is a wonderful choice. It won’t look too bad on Dad, either, if he wants to get in on the carrying action!

3. Space Saver High Chair
This compact high-chair attaches to any seat, taking up less space, and is also easy to pack up and take on trips to Grandma’s house.

4. Snap N Go Stroller Car Seat Carrier
This is one super-easy and lightweight stroller! It makes it a cinch to take your infant car seat with you and not have to use a bulky stroller.

5. Inflatable Bath Tub
This fits nicely inside your tub at home, and is great to transition to the big tub once the infant one is too small.

6. Rockabye Baby! CDs
A series of music by popular artists done in lullaby style, these CDs are still in rotation to help my toddler go to sleep. And, as a parent, they were MUCH better to listen to during nighttime feedings than some of the other lullaby CDs out there!

7. The Woombie
It’s weird to think just how difficult it is for newborns NOT to hit themselves in the face while they’re sleeping, but it’s true. I tried every swaddle on the market before someone finally recommended the Woombie, and it changed my life—especially  during the hours of 7pm and 7am.

8. Taggies
Babies LOVE tags. I have no idea why, but they can (and will) find the tag on any  toy in 0.2 seconds. And they will  try to eat it. The Taggies brand is a brilliant line of baby items (toys, blankets, shopping cart covers—the list goes on and on) with dozens of colorful tags sticking off in every direction. (Ironically, if your child is anything like mine, they will still  find the real tag among all the fake tags on any Taggies toy.)

9. Jumperoo
It took me a while to warm up to the idea of a brightly colored, gigantic baby apparatus in my living room, but I’m so glad I did! This thing was a life-saver! The baby was safely contained, and anything that kept him happily occupied for at least 20-30 minutes was magical!

10. Baby Einstein My First Signs DVD
This video from the awesome Baby Einstein folks helps teach your baby sign language so they can learn a few basic words before they can talk.

11. Foam Number and Letters for the bath
These are super soft (which is important because babies will put EVERY bath toy in their mouths!) and they’re perfect for introducing letters and numbers in a fun way.  Also, unlike the favorite rubber ducky, they’re solid, so they’re much cleaner too!


Are there any other items on your must-have lists? Please do share—we’d love to hear your ideas too!


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  1. Alexis says:

    We own one of those high chairs and it is so handy. My little boy loves it as he feels like he is at the table with everyone else, rather than being in a high chair.

  2. Melissa says:

    The Snap N Go Stroller Car Seat Carrier looks great for smaller moms, but I’m not sure if I can walk it to the beach, as it look a bit thin..

    Anyway, thank you for this adorable round-up of baby gears.

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