Baby essentials you absolutely must have – tried and true items from real-life moms

Baby essentials you absolutely must have - tried and true items from real-life moms | Cardstore Blog

Oh, babies!

There is nothing more exciting than becoming a parent for the first time. But once the joy of caring for this tiny little human starts to sink in, you realize that they’re going to need some stuff—actually, a BUNCH of stuff. And if you’re a first-time parent, chances are, you currently own none of it. No problem—they’ve got whole stores for this, right?

By the time I was pregnant with my son, I’d gone shopping for other people’s baby shower gifts plenty of times and never thought twice about it. So, off my husband and I went to register—let’s grab that little “gun” and get to scanning!

As soon as we stepped in the door, the once cute and snuggly baby-wonderland morphed into a massive jungle of baby bits and pieces. What do you mean there’s 17 different kinds of bottles? And what on earth is a (insert item of your choice here)—and I do WHAT with it?  For a moment, my head exploded a bit. Oh, boy. We were in for some good times!

While we all have different needs and wants for our babies, a few starter ideas from some “been there, done that” moms would have been great.

Considering that we’ve got a mom-to-be on our team, there’s been a lot of talk about baby stuff lately. So, I asked some of the moms around here what their favorite baby essentials were, and I thought it would be fun to share them with you. I actually ended up with so much great stuff that we decided to split it up into a few posts (which you’ll continue to see over the coming months).

Let’s get started with the basics. While there’s sure to be way cuter things for your baby, here are some of the true workhorse items that will make life with your new little one a lot less messy, itchy, stinky… You get the picture.

Baby essentials you absolutely must have - tried and true items from real-life moms | Cardstore Blog

1. Dreft Laundry Stain Remover
I give this miracle-in-a-bottle with every shower gift I buy. I can’t tell you how many little outfits this has saved. It even works wonders for grown-up stains too!

2. Soothie Pacifiers
These are the ones they use in the hospital. And for good reason—they really do work! They’re also latex and BPA free, durable, and easy to clean.

3. Pinxav
There is simply no match for how well Pinxav coats your baby’s bottom when they’re dealing with diaper rash. It cures those really horrible, red-inflamed, make-you-cry-for-your-baby’s-butt rashes that spring up. And I have no idea why, but it’s extremely difficult to find in stores, so it’s good to have a couple tubes on hand for when you need them. (Be careful applying it because it’s pink in color and WILL stain clothes!)

4. Newborn Diapers (with pee strip indicator)
If you’re going the disposables route, these are great at taking the guesswork out of all those diaper changes. And in the beginning, there’s going to be a lot of those!

5. Roll-up Table Mats
For eating on the go!  These were always in my diaper bag—we used them for several years and they held up great!

6. Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment
This awesome little ointment comes in handy for all kinds of baby needs. Great for dry skin, cradle cap, and healing little boy parts…

7. Sidesnap Shirts
These help to keep your baby’s belly-button area from becoming chafed or irritated before the cord falls off.

8. NoseFrida the Snotsucker
I know. It sounds super gross. …until  you need it—and then you’re so thankful for it that you’ll never make fun of it again. (Yes, there is  a foam filter that separates your mouth from the boogers.)

9. Terry Cloth Towels (for use as burp cloths)
These are an excellent alternative to tiny burp cloths, because babies DON’T have tiny burps. (At least mine didn’t!)


Whew! Lots to think about, huh? Hopefully these things will get you going in the right direction! If you’ve got some other tried-and-true baby essentials to share, we’d love to hear from you!

And stay tuned for next month’s post about our favorite baby gear and toys!


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