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When he’s not working as Cardstore’s editor, and all-around “word guy,” Mike spends his free time writing music or cooking. He likes trying new and exotic foods, video games, movies and all the other things nerds like.

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say thanks! how to write a thank you note

  From birthday gifts, to dinner parties, or even when someone just holds the door open for us—the world’s a much nicer place when we say “thanks.” …and it’s even nicer when we go the extra mile and give someone a thank you note. Figuring out how to write a thank […] Read More »

Making a card? 35 instantly usable Christmas card messages

Wondering what to write on the inside of your Christmas card? Here are 35 Christmas card messages, to go with any design.

Last year, I did a post on what to write in a Christmas card. While that one was geared toward longer, more personal messages, I totally get that sometimes (especially if you’re sending out photo cards), you just need something nice and quick to add that last personal touch. If that’s […] Read More »

More Summer BBQ Fun! Free Printable Burger Recipes

Point people toward burger bliss with these free, printable recipe cards! #burgers #recipes

Last week, we did a delicious post on spicing up your summer BBQ with a gourmet burger bar. We got pretty creative with some of the toppings we included, so we made these free printable recipe cards to offer suggestions on what to do with them. Print them out and […] Read More »

Ideas to spice up your summer BBQ (featuring a gourmet burger bar!)

Spice up your summer BBQ with a mouthwatering tablescape and gourmet burger bar! #burgers #cookouts #summertime #BBQ

Summertime means cookouts, and cookouts usually mean piles of brown burger patties in foil pans, sitting next to plastic bags of buns. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with serving burgers that way, but why settle when your summer BBQ can have an amazingly tempting tablescape featuring burgers (duh), a variety of […] Read More »

Father’s day gifts he’d love to get… and you would love to give!

My dad is always snapping pictures. I mean ALWAYS snapping pictures. It’s his thing. And you can rest assured that every last one of his photos will end up in a slideshow, set to music. When his 10-year-old computer started to cause him problems, it became more and more obvious […] Read More »

My most favorite Mother’s Day card of all time, and where it came from

My most favorite Mother’s Day card of all time, and where it came from

With Mother’s Day coming up, I thought it might be a good time to a share the story behind one of my favorite Mother’s Day cards. Last year, when we sat down to brainstorm some new Mother’s Day ideas, I couldn’t help but think about the Mother’s Day gift my […] Read More »

Graduation gifts – way more fun by the box!

Graduation gifts - way more fun by the box! | Cardstore Blog

Graduation season is just around the corner, which means graduation parties—and graduation parties mean graduation gifts! Sure, you could just go to someone’s high school graduation party with a check—which is always super useful, and very much appreciated—but if you’re sick of just giving boring old money (*note: I did […] Read More »

10 super-easy (but totally thoughtful) last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts

Super-easy (but totally thoughtful) last-minute Valentine's Day gifts | Cardstore Blog

“Oh, crap! I need some last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts—stat!” Don’t worry. You’re not the first person to say those words. And there are plenty of last-minute options like flowers, cookies, or chocolates that you can have delivered right to your valentine (thank you, Internet!). But just because you’re a little […] Read More »

New Year’s Resolution: Never Forget a Birthday

New Years Resolution: Never forget a birthday | Cardstore Blog

We’ve all been there – either you remember someone’s birthday a day or two late, or you think of it a week early and forget about it anyway… Sure, it’s the thought that counts, but why not make 2014 the year you never forget a birthday? Here are some quick […] Read More »

The Ultimate Christmas Playlist – 30 songs for making merry

The ultimate Christmas playlist - 30 songs for making merry

One of our very favorite things about Christmas is the music. It helps make even the most mundane task instantly feel festive. So, if you’re planning a holiday party, or you just want some tunes to get you in the spirit while you’re wrapping presents, we’ve got you covered with […] Read More »