About the Cardstore BlogHi, and welcome to our blog!

We believe that every moment is worth celebrating—from the big ones (like your wedding day or the birth of your child) to all those little everyday moments that don’t happen to have their own section in the card aisle.

We’re four designers and the editor from Cardstore, and we started this blog to help you celebrate life in as many creative ways as we can think of – on holidays, milestones, and any other time you feel like celebrating.  You’ll find lots of super-fun (and hopefully super-useful) posts with things like tips for bringing out your most thoughtful self, crafts and DIYs for creatively celebrating special occasions, and peeks behind-the-scenes at our creative studio (oh, and the occasional freebie, of course).

Our hope is that you’ll find some new ways to spread a little happiness of your own – but at the very least, we hope you always come away with a smile.

We’re really glad you’re here, and thanks for stopping by!

Meet the Cardstore Blog team

As Cardstore’s art director, Jessica helps create all the cards featured on the site. She loves typography, photography, and (most of all) her 2-year-old son, Carter. She never leaves home without her camera and a cup of coffee.

A multi-talented designer - and Cardstore’s resident hand-lettering enthusiast - Gwen is constantly working on innovative concepts. She loves ice cream, fancy drinks, and the color cerulean. She is morally opposed to bad kerning.

When he’s not working as Cardstore’s editor, and all-around “word guy,” Mike spends his free time writing music or cooking. He likes trying new and exotic foods, video games, movies and all the other things nerds like.

Lori is Cardstore’s seeker of all things zesty. She enjoys being a mom, wife and foodie. You can often find her reading a book on her phone or getting in a workout, sometimes both at the same time.

Although Elizabeth is a party-planning extraordinaire, her biggest love is for her family, complete with her hubs, 5-year-old twin boys, and their pup—all of whom love camping, swimming, biking and being super silly!