5 Summer activities to do (or do more of) before the leaves fall

5 Summer Activities to Do (or Do More of) Before the Leaves Fall

We may be in the homestretch, but there’s still plenty to enjoy before the summer ends. Here are 5 summer activities that we plan on doing much more of before the leaves fall.

1. Have a backyard barbecue.
No need to wait for Labor Day – or even have an excuse. Find a good deal on some burgers, fire up the grill and fix some fancy drinks. Just add friends.

2. Head to the beach!
No beach? No problem. Find a pool, or just find a quiet place to sit out and soak in the sunshine. It’s a scientific fact that the vitamin D is good for you.

3. Go to an ice cream shop.
We’re not talking about the stuff you can get at the store year-round. Head to the nearest mom & pop shop to try the flavor of the month and make it an experience. We’re talking summertime goodness!

4. Enjoy some seasonal fruit.
Watermelons are the best in the summertime, so get it while the getting’s good! Find the nearest farm, farm-market, or even a roadside stand. (Even if there isn’t one near you, it’ll be worth the drive to find one!) As for me, my wife and I will definitely be out picking raspberries in the very near future…

5. Take summer pictures!
Take a family photo while everyone’s tan, or even just a beautiful summery scene that you’ll want to remember. Frame the best ones, and you’ll have a few sunshiny keepsakes, come January!


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