8 ways to say thank you

Thank like you mean it! Emails and texts are nice, but these 8 ways to say thank you can go a lot farther.

If you’re a regular reader, you may have noticed that we’ve done several posts this year focused on gratitude. (If you’re not… it’s okay, I’ll wait if you want to go take a look :)

Expressing gratitude can mean something different to everyone. For me, lately, it’s meant making an effort to say ‘thank you’ to people in a more meaningful way than just a quick email or text. I’ve been sending little notes to people who have done something that I want to recognize—whether it’s for something that just made me smile, or the amazing job another designer did bringing my vision to life on a project.

Since I know it’s not everyone’s thing to sit down and write a thank you note to every person that’s done something nice for them recently, I’ve collected these seven fun ways to say thank you. I hope they encourage people to do something when they next find themselves feeling grateful!

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A card and a keepsake – personalized photo gift DIY

It's not just a card, it's a keepsake! A framed photo card from Cardstore can make a quick, simple, personalized photo gift.

March has always been one of my favorite months of the year—signs of spring begin to sprout, the Shamrock Shake makes a grand return, and not only is it my birth month, but so many of those near and dear to me have birthdays in March, too.

So, in honor of my friend Jason—who is about to officially enter his 30’s—I thought I’d share a quick and simple, personalized photo gift you can make right here on Cardstore. Read More »

Fun and easy Easter crafts for every age {Friday Finds}

Man… Time flies when you have a baby, and I can’t believe it’s almost Easter!

I know I want to make a small Easter basket for my little lady, but I’m not totally sure what to put in it, because she can’t have candy and most toys yet. I figured I’d make a couple little things and get something for her to bang on the ground, since that’s her new favorite thing to do ;)

I really love these Easter crafts, and I wanted to share them in case you’re looking for some inspiration, too!

Easter is right around the corner! Here are some cute Easter crafts for you and your little ones.      Easter bunny bean bag toss (and other Easter craft ideas!)

DIY Easter bunny treat bags (and other Easter craft ideas!)      DIY floral crown (and other Easter craft ideas!)

Easter egg DIY with Sharpies (and other Easter craft ideas!)      DIY Easter candy huggers (and other Easter craft ideas!)

Cute Easter Crafts (from top left):

That floral crown is so adorable—I’m definitely going to be making one for my little girl to wear on Easter!

Let me know if you have any other cute Easter crafts you’re thinking about making.

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Happy Birthday, Girl! Gift ideas for her

Pop open a bottle of bubbly—it’s time to celebrate!

Birthdays are ALWAYS a good excuse to celebrate the extraordinary women in your life. They’re the perfect time to let your sister and mom know just how much you appreciate all the times they’ve given you free therapy about life and love, or to let your very best friend know how grateful you are for the last year of long distance phone calls at 10 pm (because that has now turned into your free time).

Whether she joyfully embraces birthdays or runs away from them like Forrest Gump, she deserves to be showered with love and—of course—gifts!

I’ve put together some of my favorite gift ideas for her, and I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll find at least one item from this gift guide in any one of her imaginary carts online …and probably even a little something for yourself ;)

Birthdays are the perfect time to celebrate the special women in your life—especially with gifts. Here's a list of our favorite gift ideas for her!

1. Pearl Statement Necklace | 2. Aldo Color-block Pump | 3. Dot & Bo Spike Vase | 4. Lush Bee-Happy Gift Set | 5. Tory Burch Logo Stud Earring | 6. Card | 7. Urban Decay Eye Palette | 8. Cat Eye Sunglasses | 9. Giant Gem Speaker | 10. Double Sided Stud Earrings | 11. Ampersand Art Print | 12. 5 Year Memory Journal | 13. Floral Scarf | 14. Jcrew Clutch | 15. Viktor & Rolf Perfume | 16. Joules Rain Boot

Enjoy and happy shopping! I hope you find the most perfect gift to say Happy Birthday in your own special way.


12 creative pregnancy announcement ideas

12 creative pregnancy announcement ideas

When my husband and I found out we were pregnant with my son, it was one of the most exciting moments of our lives. We couldn’t wait to share the news with our family, friends, and pretty much any other stranger that would listen.

However, I was only 4 weeks along, and we knew that we should wait a few more weeks just to be sure nothing went wrong. Let me just tell you, those were some of the longest weeks of my life!

That was almost 5 years ago… before it was super-popular to announce your pregnancy creatively. At least that would’ve given me something to focus on during the wait! I would’ve loved to be planning a creative photo shoot, ordering cute things on Etsy, and even plotting how to reveal the news to our parents.

Today, there are a seriously overwhelming number of fun pregnancy announcement ideas out there, and that’s why I rounded up 12 of my favorites in one place.

Hopefully this helps you find the perfect way to announce your big news! Read More »

Everyday ways to say i love you, even when you’re busy!

When life gets busy, it's easy to forget to do those extra little things for each other. Here's a great collection of everyday ways to say I love you!

Now that my husband and I have a totally adorable baby girl, we’ve gained a LOT of love and baby snuggles. In turn, though, we’ve naturally lost some one-on-one time together. So, right now, it’s especially important for us to communicate our love for each other whenever, and however, possible.

He does so much for our family, and I wanted to find some ways to say I love you in small, everyday actions that I think are really meaningful. Here are some of my favorites that I’ve narrowed it down to!

1. Surprise them with a one-of-a-kind card

This photo heart collage card is awesome because you can add your own photos, and it’s like a little trip down memory lane! You can leave it under their pillow, in their lunch, or anywhere else you know they’ll come across it. (You can see more personalized love cards here.)

2. Cook their favorite meal

This may seem really small, but after a long day, there’s a lot to be said for walking through the door to your favorite meal. And if you’re the one that normally prepares the meals in your house, not having to worry about dinner really is an amazing gift (especially when it’s super-delicious)! Read More »

Bright and fun birthday colors

I don’t know about you, but here in Ohio we’re definitely in the gray-white-and-slush time of year. It’s had me thinking a lot about the bright colors from my party last year, since the drab seems like it will never end. (I know, a bit dramatic, but winter is just sooo long!)

Since I was dreaming of brighter colors and fun times, I thought I’d share these festive birthday colors in the hopes that it’ll brighten your day and get you thinking of warmer days, too.

…and if you live in a place where it’s already warm, think a happy thought for me and PLEASE don’t take your weather for granted :)


For more fun cards, make sure to check out our entire birthday card selection!

St. Patrick’s Day treats {Friday finds}

Growing up, I loved St. Patrick’s Day because when we woke up in the morning, it was guaranteed my mom had turned anything and everything she could in the fridge green. It was magical, fun… and slightly gross looking ;)

Green milk, green orange juice (oh yes, it looked as gross as it sounds) and green oatmeal for breakfast. I loved looking at it, but I usually had to close my eyes to eat my oatmeal—there’s something about eating green oatmeal that’s just… weird.

So, in the same spirit as my mom, but a whole lot less weird-looking, here are some delicious-looking St. Patrick’s Day treats for you to share with your families and friends.



Festive St. Patrick’s Day treats (from top left):

Wishing you the luck o’ the Irish!


How to make coasters with photos

Preserve your memories AND your furniture! Learn how to make coasters using a few crafty items and any digital photos you've got lying around!

**This is an updated version of this post on how to make coasters using your digital photos, except finished with epoxy for a no-stick finish!**

I didn’t really see the need for coasters until we got furniture I actually cared about. And then I quickly understood the appeal. Who wants their table marred by a bunch of liquid circles?

Coasters to the rescue!

Not only are these DIY photo coasters super easy to make, but they’re also perfect for displaying your favorite photos and giving as gifts.

I was so delighted with how they turned out, and now I’m contemplating making them for every person I know! Read More »

Hello, March 2015 {a free desktop calendar download}

Download your free March 2015 calendar, and stop back on the first of every month to get your new, free desktop background and iPhone wallpaper.

Happy March, friends!

I’m Kelsey Cronkhite—this is my first time being featured on the Cardstore Blog, and I’m so excited to share this fun, hand-lettered desktop calendar I created for the Desktop Beautification Project!

One of my favorite things about March is shamrock shakes (you know, those bright-green, minty milkshakes that only show up around St. Patrick’s Day), and I was definitely channeling that feeling while I was creating this. It’s a serious guilty pleasure of mine, but I thought this way you could have a little dose of that shamrock-shake-march-awesomeness-summer’s-around-the-corner feeling, but without any of the guilt. Read More »